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Sunday 12th May, 2019

Silent Divas: Assunta Spina with Live Score from The Badwills (N/C 12+). Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle. . 6.30pm

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Passion! Jealousy! Revenge! A Kind of Seeing presents one of Italian cinema’s greatest ‘silent divas’ with live musical accompaniment performed by not-so-silent six-piece Italian folk band The Badwills.

ASSUNTA SPINA tells the dramatic story of our eponymous heroine: a beautiful laundress in 1910s Napoli torn between men who can’t control her passions. The great diva Francesca Bertini stars as Assunta and has since been credited as the film’s co-director. Complementing the film’s striking setting in busy Neapolitan streets, The Badwills’ brand new live score reflects the passion on-screen by drawing on folk music and songs of the era rooted deep in traditional southern Italian dances such as the tarantella.

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